Local Governance Support System

Project Objective :

To Enable Decentralization, Local Leadership, Citizen Rights and self-governance within Panchayat.
To enable Panchayat foe Planning and Budgeting

Project Region & Geographic Coverage :74 Villages / Hemlets of Kachchh District of Gujarat State.

Project Duration : Not Applicable

Project Partner : Swiss Development Corporation & Setu, KNNA

Project Description :

In partnership with SDC and Setu –KNNA, K-Link has implemented project LoGIn (LOcal Governance INitiative) as a piolot project from South Asian country. Under this initiative Project LGSS is implemented. Spatial and Non-spatial Data of houhold and village level are collected and captured in GIS based web application. The application is accessible through : http://lgss.klink.co.in/

Trained team of local enumerators have collected infromation from door to door and digitized it for further use in software application.

Project Outcome :

13600 Households and 56,200 Gramsabha Members are covered with Attribute and spacial information.
By using this information, gramsabh and Panchayt of 74 villages are implementing Self-Governance in the respective panchayat. All government scheme and entitlements are mobilized in the respective panchayat.