Socio-Economy Mapping

Project Objective :

To enable quality education, Adequate health and sustainable livelihood.
To Create baseline of the region.

Project Region & Geographic Coverage :19 villages of Mundra and Mandvi Block of Kachchh - Gujarat.

Project Duration : 4 Months (Feb’13 to May’13)

Project Partner : Costal Gujarat Power Limited – CR Division.

Project Description :

       In line with the vision of the founder, Mr. J. N. Tata, Tata Power has been a pioneer in the power sector in India for almost a century both in terms of its leadership in technology adoption as well as its care towards all stakeholders. ‘Leadership with Care’ is our guiding principle and motivates to make a difference. For more than nine decades, Tata Power has endeavored to positively uplift the lives of communities around its areas of operation. Tata Group believes that addressing the social needs of traditionally disadvantaged groups is the ‘right thing to do’.
The need realized to create baseline for 19 villages in the domain of Education, Employability, Employment and Entrepreneurship. K-Link has conducted household and village level survey for 19 villages with trained team of 12 enumerators.

Project Outcome :

8,500 Households of 19 villages are getting benefit of CSR activity.